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Olympic Ballroom is proud to offer you dancing experience of any kind. In our studio dreams become a reality. We focus on Ballroom and Latin styles, although we truly believe that Ballet, Modern dance, Yoga, and Zumba will not only encourage you to experience the new forms of dancing, but will improve your ballroom technique. Our instructors are high-level professionals with an extensive experience: they have been teaching for many years as well as participating in competitions. Our goal is to create warm, welcoming environment where dancers of all levels will feel comfortable and free to express their inner voice.

your best dancing experience

Well equipped facility: Large and bright space with lots of mirrors

Warm and welcoming environment

Professional high level instructors

Customized program for every client


  • My daughter attend this studio more than 2 years and she loves it. Complex activities. Yakiv is very professional teacher and what is more important - he knows how to work with kids  and he has special approach to each child  ( what I didn't see in other places) and he is really passion about what he does !! Tnx Highly recommend him for private adult lessons too  - who simply what to learn how to dance or to be prepared for special wedding dances!

    Guzal M
    Guzal M
  • I am taking the private classes with Yakiv for my 2 girls. We used to go to another ballroom school before. What can I say? It's a great small school. He is a real dance professional and is very dedicated to instruct professionally.  I like his teaching style: he's very precise and technical in explaining the basic movements, very patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

    Vera P
    Vera P
  • Olympic Ballroom is the best,and Yakiv is a true professional !!!

    Salvador T
    Salvador T

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Olympic Ballroom Studio is owned and operated by Yakiv Myronuyk, world-renowned ballroom dance champion and successful dance instructor with 14 years of competitive and 10 years of teaching experience. In addition to basic dance technique and step patterns, Yakiv teaches more advanced skills in lead/follow, partnering, body rhythm, dynamics, flexibility, and performance. He will help any dancer show off their individual style. Yakiv adapts his teaching style to meet each student’s needs, and he is madly passionate about seeing his students grow and succeed.

Olympic Ballroom is more than a dance studio – it is the dance culture!

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